Friday, May 15, 2009


This picture was taken right before Danny proposed!! I had NO idea!!

Right after Danny asked me to marry him!! (The story will come after the pictures!)

A man and his fishing pole! Where my ring was!

Me and my best catch yet! This is right after we told my family what had happened!

(The diamond is my great-grandmas!) the story goes like this:
Danny and I like to fish, so we were once again fishing! (We did A LOT of it while he was here!) I must admit that I was VERY reluctant to go this time...but little did I know what was awaiting me on this trip! We drove around for about an hour trying to find this other pond that we wanted to try. Finally we made it...but not with much daylight left! We got right to fishing, caught a couple trees, and a few fish...then it was the big moment....

Throughout the night Danny had been tying on different lures for me to try, and this time he asked me to come over and see the lure he was tying on, and asked me if I thought it would be good. I just looked over my shoulder and said, "Yeah babe it looks great!" and just kept fishing. He asked me to come over there to look at it. So I reeled my line in and walked over there, we talked about the spinner bait he had in his hands and decided it would be good. I started to walk away, and he then asked, "What about this one?" I looked down to see a RING tied to the end of the fishing line!!! The first word out of my mouth was, "really?!" haha

We both hugged each other for a long time, shared some tears, laughs, and more tears! It felt so surreal, I had to keep looking at my ring to remind me that this had just happened! We came home to the family sitting in the living room, and shared the good news- everyone could not be happier! I then learned that Danny hadn't slept all night because he was afraid of missing my Dad in the morning. Danny got up to catch my Dad before he went to work, so he could ask my Dad for his permission. I had no idea all the "behind the scenes" things that went on, that I was COMPLETELY oblivious to!

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life! We're excited to start a life together, and can't wait to be married in the temple forever. I've been so blessed to have Danny as my best friend, and I couldn't ask for more. We're separated for the next 6 months, due to school, but we can't wait to be married to start a new adventure!! Danny is by far my best "catch" yet!! ;)


Roger and Laurene said...

Hey Sam! I'm so excited for you! Being married is a blast. You will love it. No more roommate drama. :) Congratulations and keep in touch, K? He must be special because you are amazing.
Love ya!
p.s. 69 days till I finally graduate. Can you believe it?

LaNelle Simons said...

I'm way happy for you and Danny! Seriously since I met him in 2004 I've prayed that he would find a wife good enough and perfect for him and even when I first met you I totally believed you were that girl! And when we hung out on Thanksgiving and I was thinking, "ok Danny you will NOT find any girl more perfect!" So I am seriously so excited for ya'll!