Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Next Chapter

Wow I can't believe how quickly things happen!! :) I'm SO excited for the what's coming up next in my life!

Last semester I applied to be a manager for the talent program at BYU-Idaho, and thought it would be a great learning experience, seeing as I'm going into Event Coordinating! My job would be to manage the show Guitars Unplugged! The biggest guitar show at BYUI. The other day I got a phone call from the Coordinator, and we did a quick phone interview, the following day I got an email telling me that I GOT THE JOB! :) I'm so excited to go back to school and get started! This job is going to be absolutely amazing...stressful at times, but amazing! :)

The same night I got the email telling me about my new position, I applied to be an EFY COUNSELOR and I couldn't be more excited! I got an email last night asking for me to schedule an interview time! YAY! My interview isn't until March, but hopefully with crossed fingers and lots of prayers- I'll get to do the one thing I've always wanted to do...go to EFY again! :) haha

I'm so excited at the prospect of all of these new happenings and adventures in my life! I'm excited to live the life I love, and not watch life pass me by as I stand still! It's an exciting time for me, and I'm ready to get started! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Make Plans to Make Plans

Well life is infact a journey and I've come to the point, sad to say, that I've outgrown Rexburg. Rexburg has been my home for the past 3 years, but I think it's time to say good-bye. Well now that I've come to that conclusion...what's next?! I have no idea what lies ahead of me, I have so many options, but I'm not sure which is the best to choose. I'll graduate with my associates this semester and I know that I'm in Rexburg for at least one more semester, it's a little too late to change my plans now! :) I'm going on to receive my bachelors in Communications, but the question is...where? So many choices, but which one is the best? I'm just a little lost, but I know I'll find the answers when the time is right.

A dear friend quoted a movie, he said,

"Sam, 'You make plans to make plans' and you've gotta stop." :)

And he's so right. I am the kind of person that likes to know where my life will take me next. I've been living semester to semester for about a year now, and it's driving me crazy!! :) But I now have come to the realization, that this is all part of growing up and that my Heavenly Father will make it known to me what I am to do next when the time is right.

Right now I'm focusing on realizing that my mission in life right now is to be happy, and to take life, One Step At A Time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was tagged so here goes nothing. A glimpse of me….

i am: a simple girl.
i know: I have an amazing family.
i want: to have a family one day.
i have: amazing friends.
i hate: missing one little spot when I shave my legs! grr...
i miss: my family
i feel: like I should be more productive.
i hear: a roommate’s loud boyfriend, and Me and You by Kenny Chesney.
i smell: my amazing SENSY warmer.
i crave: some ice cream
i search: for answers to prayers.
i love: summer time.
i care: about the people in my life.
i always: give my heart away too quickly
i believe: in God the Eternal Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
i sing: all day every day
i write: letters he’ll never read, and to-do lists.
i lose: myself in love.
i win: Mario Kart on the Wii!
i never: pretend to know something I don’t.
i listen: to music all day.
i am scared: of losing the most important person in my life.
i need: to relax.
i am happy about: every breath I’m granted.
i tag: everyone that reads this!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Really Sure...

So I didn't have anything else to do tonight, so I figured I'd journal...

Life has been a huge, long, scary at times, roller coaster ride. It's the ride that you've never ridden, and you never know when the next turn is coming, or when the next big dip, or loop is coming your way! :( It's so hard to accept the fact that life is just coming and there's nothing you can do to control the ride! The only comfort I have is knowing that just as fast as this downhill dip, or this loop came, it will pass! Each day I wake up hoping for a better day and hoping for the day to come where I can get through it without thinking about anything, or stressing about anything! :( Of course I do have my good days, and life is totally amazing, but there is just one more thing I have to do. One thing that will help me get to that day. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed! These lyrics help me get through some hard times, and help me to not feel so alone...

"Again and again I ask myself why
I don't think that I have any tears left to cry
My soul is so tired, I'm longing for rest
I'm giving my all and I'm doing my best
It hurts to move on from the place I am in
But you understand where I've been
And you reassure me, its time to start over again.
All of this pain and confusion I'm going through
I'm turning it over to you
and willing to trust its the right thing to do."

Life will always be hard, that's just how it is- and I'm starting to accept that. Life seriously has a way of surprising us, and I'm waiting for that surprise! :) I've been in the dip on the roller coaster that makes your tummy hurt, but that only means that the up hill climb is coming!! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dream Job!!!

After much's safe to say that I have found my dream job!! :) I can't really remember how I stumbled across this job in the first place, but I think I was researching Event Planning Companies in different cities, to try and get a feel for where I might want to internship or work.

I'm hoping to be able to apply for an internship for this summer to gain a little experience. I'm so excited and can only keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best! :)

The 23rd Floor Events Center

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prop 8

Saturday, October 11, 2008


1: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint
2: manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain
3: not hasty or impetuous
4: steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity
5 a: able or willing to bear

What a hard concept to learn! As Americans today we want everything right now, this instant, immediately. I've noticed that up here in our apartments, if our Internet takes longer than 5 seconds to load a page, we grow impatient. But I'm not just talking about fast Internet, fast food, or fast service...I'm talking about patience in trials. I struggle with that one. Why is it that we have to go through these trials and wait them out? :) Can't we just submit our will to the Father, tell Him we recognize the trial and be done?! I guess it just does not work like that! Well anyway...that's what's going on in my life right now. Learning patience through my trials. Maybe I'll get there one day! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turning The Page

I know they say that the Lord will never give you more than you can handle, but I just wish he didn't trust me so much!

Right now my heart is feeling extremely over-whelmed. Feelings of anxiousness, inadequacy, helplessness, frustration...and all of the above! I know the Lord gave us our faith and this gospel so that we could rely on it when we're down, and needing that extra push to keep on going. Life keeps on going...I just need to remember that!

Today is just another grain of sand in the Saharas of eternity. Neal A. Maxwell

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm The Relief Society...WHAT?!

So I got a call from my bishop yesterday...oh boy! Well he set up a meeting for this morning at 9am. And of course we all knew what was next...

So I met with the bishop, and next thing I knew I walked out of his office the new Relief Society I was literally speechless! I know the Lord never gives us anything we can't handle so I accepted the call with a willing heart. I'm excited to get started and to get to know the lovely girls in my ward. Now I'm just in the process of getting my presidency together and filling the callings that need to be filled. I know that the next semester I will find myself on my knees and in the temple a lot! I'm excited though, with this huge responsibility comes blessings from serving the Lord righteously, and I'm willing to do the work! :)

It's funny how the Lord blesses you and prepares you. We had a lesson in New Testament earlier this week about rank, and about how the world would like us to think that one calling is ranked higher than another, but that's not how the Lord looks at it. When I met with the bishop today, he had the same insight for me. Throughout the past couple of weeks, I've found myself drawn to the scriptures and falling to knees in prayer more often...I know that the Lord was preparing me for this great call and I'm so grateful for this opportunity!

Here goes nothing!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So today started like any other Saturday...sleeping in of course!! :) A friend called and told me that he would be hitch hiking to Jackson Hole...and then of course the motherly instincts kicked in! :) So my 2 best friends and I, hopped in the car and off we went! An hour later Elise, Jenny, Laughlin, and I found ourselves in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! :) NICE!

Driving!! Laughlin, Jenny, and I

Us girls!! LOVE THEM! (Elise, Jenny, and Me!)

Most of our drive was up the canyon...absolutely amazing!

Nice Moose we found on our way home!

Welcome back to Idaho! (Actually it's the name of a drive-in movie theater in Driggs, Idaho)

Oh she is my favorite! Great redneck...she'd fit in back home!

She got a little sleepy!

Weird little potato guys. :)

Well this is what we do to entertain ourselves in Idaho!

So very fun! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A New Beginning

Well this seems to be the new "in" thing to do, so I thought I'd start. This blog is to help my family back home remember who I am...haha!

A lot has been going on lately, but just an update. I'm currently attending school at BYU-Idaho and absolutely love it. I live in an apartment with 5 other girls (no worries we have 2 bathrooms!) and I currently work as a receptionist in the University President's Office, it's amazing and I'm so blessed to have been given the opportunity. Currently I'm finishing up my associates and will receive it in December...yay half way there! Life seems to be really hectic, but I love every minute of it, between school and work, I seem to squeeze in a little time to play! :) After all that's what college is all about right?! :) And the best part...I'm falling in love again!! Life just continues to amaze me each and every day!

I've been so blessed lately and I've really gained a testimony of the power of prayer and scripture study. The habit of daily reading and daily prayer have always been a struggle for me, but lately I've realized the importance of it and how much of a blessing it is in my life. I struggled for a long time as to what to do next, and struggled with not knowing what my life held for me semester to semester, but now it's easier for me to take the struggles as they come. My family has also been a huge support and I thank my Heavenly Father for them everyday. The gospel in my life has been a huge inspiration and I'm so grateful for it.

Well I guess I should probably get back to until next time!