Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Reason

I know that everything happens for a least that's what I always thought. But do you ever wonder why some thing happen? Do you ever experience something and wonder...Wow what is the lesson in this one? What could or is going to come from this? It's interesting the life experiences that we have, the things that shake us, the things that break us, the things that strengthen us, the things that make us smile uncontrollably, the things that make us want to hide....I could go on forever- but each and every day we all experience these emotions- some stronger than others. Some days are just days that are meant to be absolutely amazing, launch you up to Cloud 9 (maybe even higher.) Then there are those days that send you into your lowest of lows, where nothing seems to be pointing up- even when you try to climb back up, something brings you down...

Those days are my days to realize THE REASON behind everything. THE REASON we have a Savior, THE REASON our Heavenly Father knows us each by name, THE REASON we are granted another breath. It's our duty to remember our Heavenly Father and our Savior and realize that everything does happen for a REASON and that we need to be grateful for these experiences. When I reach that point, the point of total and completely exhaustion, where I feel like I can't fight the day- I remember my Savior. I remember that He is THE REASON I do everything that I do. He is THE REASON I have hope. As we stumble and fall, and we soar and grow- we owe it all to our Savior and His love.


Will+Candace Fox said...

i loved your blog! so true! i hope you are awesome!

Jenn said...

I miss you. I will be in VA this summer, in June I hope you will be there. It seems like you are really busy. The boys are growing up crazy fast. I need to put some pictures on my blog but I don't always have time. take care!